ASM, Inc.’s member, Sacred Source Sanctuary, in San Diego Union Tribune Article

“The [Sacred Source] Sanctuary belongs to The Association of Sacramental Ministries (, formed last fall by Brent David Fraser. This is a confederation of eight Southern California churches — seven more are in the planning stage — that profess the sacredness of the nature and the healing qualities of one particular natural substance.
“This is about body, mind, spirit,” said Fraser. “It’s not organized as such but we have a code of ethics. The primary goal is to help people.”” #TheAssociationOfSacramentalMinistries #BrentDavidFraser #BDF #CannabisSacrament

A fine article by #PeterRowe of #TheSanDiegoUnionTribune on The recent, aggressively bold attack by #SanDiegoDPolice on the #FirstAmendement#ReligiousFreedom, The #USSupremeCourt and #FederalLaw. My associated name in print for the first time, and preferably the last…


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