The Three Elements of Healing

THE THREE ELEMENTS OF HEALING: Behavior, Brainwave, and Belief.
(Harmony, Helpfulness and Healing)
Alteration of the first begets the natural transformation of the second and third, Which takes us back to the first, it’s cyclical, spiraling upward to elevated, enlightened existence in spirit. We affirm these in our community by practicing the three elements of Harmony, Helpfulness and Healing in all our affairs.
Practitioners of holistic medicine treat conditions by treating the whole organism. Holistic treatment sees that the afflicted have physical, mental, spiritual and social needs. If either of these needs are neglected, then the afflicted is not likely to be fully healed. Our philosophy rests in addressing the systemic three components: mental, physical, and spiritual, as the one who is ill must be treated in the result of non systemic living, a mental compounding of habitual behavior, habitual perceptions, and an underlying spiritual malady. Unless these three aspects of the condition are treated, the individual will rarely be able to heal.